I am bad at letting people know what has made me laugh or cry (i.e. I DO IT ALL THE TIME), and I thought — gee, wouldn’t it be great if I just compiled all this crap into a blog? Then I have time to write things down (which would certainly tidy my language up a bit) and reflect on what I’m posting. Of course, all this to the Internet. Which, you know, has the power to destroy any future where I have just the teensiest bit of responsibility.

In this case, it is jolly good that I have decided to get a BA in History, and my future consists of a lakehouse with a grand piano and a jukebox. The only responsibility I would have would be to myself. Like, remembering to lock doors and turn off taps. If I smoked, I would enjoy a patio, and sit outside when it rains and smoke in jars. That is the sort of person I am.

When I first started university in September, I was in the mood for joining up just about everything and anything — getting involved in all sorts of societies: the newspaper, the radio station, the union. In October and November, that desire died down. And even though I am on the Chess Society’s rota, I can sadly say that I have never attended a meeting. I blame it on the fact that all the meetings are at 8pm, but they BCC their e-mails which makes up for it.

This is my blog as a History undergraduate. I have no idea why you’re reading this. Possibly because I’ve forced you to (hi, Arthur!). But hey, welcome. I think a lot and I talk a lot. If I keep this blog up with its purpose, then by the end of the year, this blog will be a bundle of my thoughts on history, my relationship with John Rylands, and everything in between (which, to be fair, between the two isn’t a lot). This is not, it must be said, a “personal” blog per se, more of “this is what I think about when I think about academia in Manchester”.


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