English Literature BA Wanted

I have already found a flaw in this blog’s purpose.

The fact that it’s a blog supposedly about history. People who are writing science-related blogs have it fine, because there are always new science-related things out. And for English Literature and Politics students — there is always something to discuss, and largely, you err in the grey. I’ve evidently messed up my plans!

This did get me on the thought train again, however; and I am rather worried I might start babbling about history, show off my inability to retain rationality (e.g. On seeing Avignon as an option for the Eurostar: ‘Oh! I could go there, but I would constantly be thinking of the papal schism!’), and then have someone else read it as fact. That would be a little bit terrible, and I’d be awfully sorry if it cost points in Sunday’s pub quiz.

Nonetheless, I believe once I get out of my Korean self-imposed bubble, and actually go back to university, I will be afresh with ideas and thoughts, and potential substantial blog posts for the three (or thereabouts) of you who I’m forcing to read this blog. You are my world, and goddammit, please approve of my daily Costa already!

This blog’s purpose, thus far:

  • Reporting back university life for future cringing;
  • Musings on bits of history or historiography for future cringing;
  • Improve my writing — I’m very verbose and my writing often lacks clarity.
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