Assessed Work (Word counts)

Studying History at Manchester is not like some other universities where an essay a week is the norm. An essay at Manchester serves as grade assessment and is often coupled with an exam (or reflecting writing portfolio) to give the middling end-of-semester mark.

Last semester, I had to produce a 2,500 word essay plus eight lots of 300 word reflective writings on the weekly reading. I won’t procrastinate any more by pulling up the actual figures, so these are simply guestimates. (I am, however, pretty anally retentive when it comes to word counts, so a 300 (+/- 10) word reflective writing piece was generally a 300 word reflective writing piece.)

(300*8) + 2,500 = 4,900 words.

This semester, where I’m taking four modules (and am now able to — lovingly — tell my 4 hour a week peers they are part-timers) the word count inevitably increases:

(300*9) + 2,500 + 2,500 + 2,500 + 3,000 + 5,000 = 18,200 words.

(The 5,000 is to compensate for “an essay of roughly 4,000 to 6,000 words”.)

(I hope my maths is correct. Even though I’m probably validated with my inability to add up numbers as an arts student.)

(But need I remind us that when we were breezing through C4 parametric equations we had great difficulty with trying to figure out basic equations? You know, the ones our transatlantic cousins would label PRE-ALGEBRA.)

… so, essentially, my word count must increase by about four for this semester to be considered productive. Hm.

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