Travel Agents

On Wednesday, Charlotte and I met up and did the travel agents crawl. It started off at the Co-operative travel branch where we helped by this fantastic guy called Ian (you go, Ian!), then to Thomas Cook and Thomson, and then we ended up at Flight Centre with who we eventually booked with.

Sadly, the Co-operative didn’t have a selection to meet our criteria but they were lovely nonetheless.

Thomas Cook and Thomson had a larger selection we could choose from, but it meant a lot of filtering down then and there. And could you imagine being a travel agent with better things to do with your time, like chat to your friends, and you’re stuck in your cubicle having to talk to two students who want to look at hotels in Europe? I KNOW RIGHT. Quelle horreur! Quick, get the union on the fucking phone because that is just RIDICULOUS.

Flight Centre, on the other hand, were excellent: both helpful and informative. They gave us confidence they knew what they were talking about (which I believed was a prerequisite for becoming a travel agent) and were completely lovely every step of the way. Happily, flights and hotels are now booked for the European mainland in July. If I was to book another holiday, I would totally go with Flight Centre again; they’re definitely worth a chat.

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