Far East Charity Movement: Japan

On Wednesday, I attended a fundraiser party for Japan. It was a collaboration between the MJS, MUCSS, MUCCIS, MUKSS, SSSM, V-Town and Lazee Taka. It was pretty good. (Edit: They raised over £30,000.)

I went to take photos because I haven’t taken any photos recently and I thought this event would do well. Sadly, I am still unable to use the SB-900 properly which has resulted in harsh lighting and holy shit, you are sweaty! photos and such. I am lovely.

I am a pro at taking attractive photos of people, I’m aware.

NB. brightness/contrast, some curves, no cropping; ~1/10, f/5. Can composition be excused because of my height disadvantage and I-have-to-take-these-photos-in-the-dark-with-a-bad-view? No? OK. Then I’m just crap at it regardless.

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