It’s Brit Synthpop Time

Whenever it’s exam or essay season, I get sucked into this: not allowed to go out; must stay in bedroom; must do some work; must listen to inspiring and motivational music; must watch crappy made-for-TV movies which will ensure I am still awake. And, hey, it’s essay season! And shortly afterwards, two exams and then Year 1 is over. It will then be wasting my life away doing three things: (1) sleeping (2) eating (3) training it down to London.

(I also want to go to Scotland and Wales but apparently THEY ARE TOO CELTIC FOR SOME PEOPLE.)

So far, I’ve managed to more or less stay in my bedroom with a smelly history book open on my desk (it smells terribly putrid); Billy Idol, Human League and Depache Mode are on my playlist (ahem…); have watched two particular dire movies — am waiting for the Royal Wedding lifetime actor-who-plays-Harry-didn’t-even-know-who-David-Cameron-was movie to come out as there are mad commentary Skype dates involved. (I am positively tickled at some of the reviews.) On the television front, I’m going to pick up Psych on recommendation of Zayd who assures me it’s good, humorous and not at all scary.

Essentially, I am well on my way to becoming a hermit. Welcome to the good life.


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