“I want a leather jacket.”

“Leiden Market. Saturday — coming?”

“I want a leather jacket.”

“Yes, then.”

And so, I woke up with little more than ten minutes to get changed, get ready, and head to Centraal to track 4b. Armed with my ridiculous winter coat, I headed towards Centraal, completely missing my turning and came behind Centraal and then cycled back and forth until I was on the correct path leading to the front of Centraal and Hotel Ibis.

I checked my phone: 4 missed calls.


I duly parked the bike in an empty spot.

We reached Leiden a little late on schedule (…) and quickly sourced out the following things: an ATM machine, and an ice-cream parlour. One scoop, one euro? Fabulous. We walked around the huge market, witnessed a member of the Anatidae family nesting on a plank of wood and scrap, experienced the Military History Day, and walked up to the fort of Leiden where we had the pleasure of a group of teenagers who were listening to metal music and smoking joints. Du-doy. Coolio.

Leiden is gorgeous. It is the first city, after Amsterdam, I wouldn’t mind living in. It is small but spacious — not at all like Amsterdam’s consistent crowds. The demographic of tourists is a lot older and/or family orientated. As a person used to the weekenders of Amsterdam, it was quite a relief.

Here is a selection of photos taken:


basic tosti ham/kaas




military history day 2012, leiden

military history day 2012, leiden

bad-ass motherfuckers




I never did get that leather jacket.

flickr: 2012-03-24: Leiden.

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