John Rylands

The University of Manchester has been forced to change the name of John Rylands University Library because the current name “often causes confusion for staff, students and visitors.”

From July, the building will be called ‘The University of Manchester Library’. It is hoped that this will make it easier for students to “identify” the gothic John Rylands Library on Deansgate.

New name for John Rylands University Library to prevent “confusion” by Joe Sandler Clarke.

How silly. It took me about thirty seconds as an undergraduate to recognise and remember the difference. It is very simple, really: one has university in the name, and the other is always succeeded with Deansgate. This arbitrary change certainly says much about the level of faith the establishment has in us.

Perhaps, however, I am more saddened at the prospect of no longer being able to see, circa exam season, X is currently in a committed relationship with John Rylands.

It was quite a thing.

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