Lucie and I visited Volendam with ISN on a windy, rainy, blustery sort of day. The sort of day where you’re awoken by thunder and rain; and when you finally draw the curtains, you just want to stay in bed.


We met at Centraal where we had a rather interesting conversation with the barista at Starbucks. I asked for a frappuccino, you see, and Lucie mentioned something about beetles, and the barista giggled a little as I was looking for some spare change.


“Don’t worry about it.”

Armed with my caramel frapp. we headed to IJ-Burg where we boarded a teeny-tiny boat. The journey would be two and a half hours, and I had managed, in my morning haste, to pack only chewing gum. Lucie fared better with a sandwich.

“Two and a half hours?”



“I read that it’s about a twenty minute bus ride.”

One of my father’s oldest hobbies concern boats. I have known since I was a child that I do not fare very well on high water. I recognise that it was my decision to go on this stylised “ISN Volendam fun boat trip!” but I rather thought it was a boating/fishing village, accessible only by the water.

Twenty minute bus ride!

Two hours later, I was all ready to throw up; the person sitting beside us had already visited the WC thrice to do so. I decided to do the next best thing — considering standing and walking around proved rather hazardous to my ever-complaining well-being — and laid my head on the table and took a little nap.


We arrived to standard ISN fare of lingering and were slowly packed into tour groups. Ours, naturally, arrived about twenty minutes late. We rather enjoyed the walk and the complimentary Volendam costume party photo, and quickly scattered when the tour group disbanded.

Lucie and I decided on two things: food, and the bus back to Amsterdam CS. We took a few photos on the way to both.

“Volendam is a very photogenic place,” they said.

I took twenty-four photos and called it a day. It was far too windy and rainy, and I wasn’t in the mood to find the National Geographer in me. We stuck to the covered street alleys, thus no obvious we-were-in-Volendam photographs… I have a penchant for animals.




I suspect it would be quite lovely to visit again with the sun present and a nice breeze, rather than torrential rain and gusts of wind. But, er, perhaps in another lifetime.

flickr: 2012-04-28: Volendam

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