De Drie Graefjes (American Bakery)

In late January, we stumbled across De Drie Graefjes, also known as the American Bakery (Gravenstraat 13); it was a quaint little cafe with its own little square located just next to the Royal Palace. We didn’t have time to visit but it was mentally on The List. The list of: “Oh, we should TOTALLY do that. When we have time. In the future”.

We managed to make the trip a few days ago (requiring the efforts of a Facebook event page so we’d remember, no less).

People of the Internet, it was amazing.

And yes, I may have ordered Chinese chicken soup on my first visit (which was delicious), but that was quickly rectified by an order of raspberry swirl cheesecake.

The service was awesome. We didn’t expect anything but the infamous direct, Dutch service, but they were cool. And the slices were more than generous. Basically, everything about this place comes highly recommended.

Lemon Meringue Pie

Black Bottom Cupcake

Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake

Raspberry cheese cream muffin; red velvet cake; New York cheesecake.



  1. I’m pretty sure I need to eat ALL of that.

  2. ambielina · ·

    I feel ill just looking at all this food!

    Bar the raspberry swirl cheesecake. That I need in my life.

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