Queen’s Night

For Queen’s Night, we hastily prepared an evening of cocktails. Initially for a small group of close friends, we began to realise that it was rather impossible to limit such a motley crew. In eight hours, we managed to scrub, clean, move furniture, and do two rounds of Albert Heijn and Gall & Gall. The dining table turned itself from a loving cesspit of randomly placed pens, paper and food, to a presentable home of all the items we intended to create cocktails with.

the evolving table

I was de facto in charge of the playlist. I remained unconvinced at this self-given role, as my musical preference is beyond questionable. However, the rather British, albeit eclectic, mix featuring artists such as Kasabian, Arctic Monkeys, Major Lazer, and the Clash was generally approved. And by that, I mean I only heard an unknown Spanish dance song once or twice during the whole evening, and then it was followed by the sweet, Northern lull of Alex Turner.

queen's day

My roommate, whose qualities include Being Good At Doing Important Things, was in charge of the cocktails. We purchased a HEMA blender a few weeks ago which had only seen simple fruit smoothies, soups, and protein shakes. It worked splendidly; we blended everything with everything. As we poured half a bottle of rum, when the recipe actually called for 1 oz (these American measurements are tricky), it was clear the blender was going to a dark, forbidden, definitely 18 rated place.

queen's day

queen's day

All in all, the cocktails were a hit, and we were ridiculously pleased with the turnout. Queen’s Night was a resounding, fun success. Thank you for joining us for a fantastic evening!

lucie and sara

queen's day

songyee & sara

flickr: 2012-04-29: Queen’s Night

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