Canal Cruising in Amsterdam

We’ve been wanting to hire a boat and cruise around the canals for a while, but we only managed to do it courtesy of ISN. €3 for three hours of unsupervised boating? Sure, why not! (Additional research: €8 per person per hour for a max-6 boat on non-ISN tab.)

We left‘s departure point at around five o’clock, and travelled through Museumplein to the canals. We have explored Amsterdam through trams, buses, bikes, and our two feet, but it was a strange experience seeing Amsterdam from the canals. Especially in a tiny boat. Having tourists take photos of you. Having Dutchies wave at you. It was good.

(If you decide to rent a boat from somewhere non-Centrum, and you both live in Centrum and are lazy, I recommend getting picked up and dropped off along the way. We were dropped off in the centre near Carre which is a beautiful walk back to Prinsengracht.)

This group lost the first page of their boat quiz (a fun guide to the route, I suspect. We sort of completed ours…) and requested assistance. Cue: “Hi! Hellooo! Oh-oh– stop, stop the boat. They want to take a photo of our quiz.”

And this is us attempting the fun! canal! route! quiz. (And this is me being in charge of steering! But not speed or stopping because it took my hand far too long to recognise steering to the right meant the boat would point to the left &c.)

Ahh, Amsterdam.

Self-nominated captain. Thank you, Captain Jos.

… the windswept EILC Amsterdammers thank you for your time.

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