Pancake Bakery, Amsterdam

We may be a bit biased, but we are completely in love with the Pancake Bakery (Prinsengracht 191 ); and we are of the unanimous opinion that it is even more magical than Disneyland. When we have visitors, it is the number one destination; when we’re bored and in the mood for something sweet, Pancake Bakery warms our souls. I mean, where else can you get a huge pancake with banana and Nutella and syrup and ice-cream met slagroom (the banana makes it healthy)? Your kitchen? Other pancake bakeries? No, you have to go to the Pancake Bakery.

On Friday, after a fabulous sushi dinner courtesy of SushiMe (also highly recommended place!), we briefly discussed dessert and entertained the possibility that the Pancake Bakery, because we live so close, might let us take away.

We checked the times, and realised we had precisely ten minutes until they closed. At 21:20, we hurried out the door with two plates and I rushed to the waitress and breathlessly asked, “Are the kitchens still open?”

“Yes, they are!”


“You are just in time! You will have to order quickly!”

“But-but is it possible to have it to take-away? We live twenty metres away! Less than forty-five seconds! We’re so close! And we bought our own plates!”

I have a feeling they would have said yes to the question immediately, but we rather thought they needed convincing. After a minute’s deliberation on what to order, we paid up, and waited outside for the yumminess. Our food came delivered in a Ben & Jerry’s carton and on top of an egg box.

The ice-cream was melting already so we hurried, with stupid Cheshire cat grin faces, back home. If you ever want to make friends, Pancake Bakery takeaway is the way to go.

We were fairly distracted with the task of actually eating. so here are some quick snapshots:

nutella, ice-cream etc

spring poffertjes

Please, if you ever find yourself in the neighbourhood and don’t enter, you are doing yourself a great disservice.

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