The Wharf, Castlefield

My father is unquestionably Asian where parking charges and airports are concerned. I tend to have to make my own way after I land on British soil. So I was somewhat surprised when I left my Mancunian-American-Ukranian flight (yeah, that gate was confusing) and saw my dad waiting at me in arrivals. Oh, and his phone was out to take a photo of my reaction to a fluffy pigeon:

It was a rather emotional moment, consisting of me pausing RIGHT IN THE ENTRY WAY going: “What the…?”

I quickly gave him the suitcases (45kg) to take home, and I headed to the train station. Hello, Manchester! Almost immediately, I found myself drowning in rowdy, Northern accents who were in absolute rage at the platform changes to Manchester Piccadilly.

I settled into my Mancunian role about five minutes after I spoke to my sister on the phone: “Sister,” I told her, in broken Cantonese, “there are SO MANY ANGRY PEOPLE ON THIS TRAIN.”

And then this conversation happened behind me:

“And that, that over there is the stadium for Manchester City.”

“Oh! So that’s where Manchester United play?”

“No, Manchester City.”

“Yeah…so Manchester United?”


“Like, Manchester…United?”


I laughed quietly in my seat.

But I digress. I will get to the juicy (literally) part:

Later, we went to eat at The Wharf in Castlefield.

It has recently opened. It’s shiny. It’s pretty. It does not serve Belgian beers (please consider this in the next meeting). It has a charming British atmosphere. It is decently priced. The cute waiters are getting there in efficiency. It has a water fountain. The menu is OK. The sticky toffee pudding is delicious.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely.

Note: Portions are big. I say this with love: starve yourself a little before you go.

The Wharf

Do I enjoy taking photos with my nifty fifty? Duh duh duh.


The Wharf | Potted Gloucester Old Spot

Starter: Potted Gloucester Old Spot pork with sticky apple and crackling salad and warm toast (£5.95)

The Wharf | Home Smoked Duck Breast

Starter: Home smoked duck breast with date purée and orange salad (£6.50)

The Wharf | Lamb Hotpot

Main: Traditional lamb hot pot with pickled red cabbage (£12.95)

The Wharf | 10oz rump steak

Main: 10oz rump steak with horseradish butter, wild mushrooms, tomato and chips (£17.95)

The Wharf | Calves Liver

Main: Calves liver with sherry and shallot sauce, crisp ham, crushed new potatoes and purple sprouting broccoli (£16.95)


…and as usual, more photos are located at the Flickr set.

flickr: 2012-07-06: The Wharf

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