Budapest, Hungary

I headed to Budapest in mid-July, exploiting the good nature of R who was brilliant throughout the mini-break. Accommodation? Arranged. Sightseeing? Picked out in advance. 1 litre of beer for €3? FOUND. Obviously, such a well-organised trip was impeded by two things which resulted in me not being the most awesome of guests (illness and bad shoes + walking + first day). I didn’t exhibit my tourist credentials that well, but we had quite a good time nonetheless. Thanks, R!

(One day, I will return. In the spring, autumn, or winter. But definitely not the summer.)

And now behold, my amazing, fantastic photographs of Budapest. I know, I know, my skills at taking ‘scapes are unparalleled.

(Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling quite touristic, so my camera was rather neglected. Budapest is quite a photogenic city, however, despite my atrocious attempts at capturing it, and Lake Balaton is gorgeous, honest.)

budapest, hungary

budapest, hungary

lake balaton, hungary

P.S. Before Budapest, I said with great certainty that I would probably not return to Amsterdam in the near future due to it being weird returning as a tourist. But after being laughed at twice for wanting hot chocolate in Budapest, I am totally okay with going back to judgement-free Amsterdam at any point in the near future. I miss you terribly, city of bruine cafés.

flickr: 2012-07: Budapest

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