Childish Gambino at the Melkweg

3rd July 2012 — Unintentionally, I managed to juxtapose two rather different events on my last days in Amsterdam. The first was Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover aka Troy from Community. The second was the gala celebrating Hans van Manen’s eightieth birthday. Both were fabulous.

The Melkweg is predictably one of my favourite clubs in Amsterdam so when I heard Childish Gambino would be performing, I went just the tinest bits of Bertha crazy to secure more information. It’s quite a small venue and tickets were around €25, and Bertha crazy — so I purchased before managing to enlist any friends to accompany me. I ended up seeing Donald Glover & co. alone.

Despite live-tweeting, I didn’t really jot anything down of note, so my memories of the concert will have to suffice: the violinist was beautiful, people, really, really beautiful; Donald Glover is ridiculously talented; his brother is also impressive; pre-4th July ROYALTY was not disappointing; Glover really engaged with the crowd and they loved it; beer was around €2.50; he took his shirt off and male objectification happened.

Does a concert require anything else?

(I even did the fangirl thing of following a few of his entourage on Twitter. Ladies, Instagramming your weed to confirm your presence in Amsterdam? Not as cool as you think.)

Aaaand being the anally-retentive short Asian, I had a few general concert questions:

(1) Is there ever a great need to take shaky videos of live performances whilst you’re jumping?
(2) Is it really necessary to wear caps in doors?
(3) … and sunglasses?
(4) Do tall people naturally convene near the front?
(5) How many badly-lit photos with your camera flash did it take for you to recognise it was time to give up?

My amazing, clear, non-blurry, it’s-completely-possible-to-tell-who-this-is photograph of Childish Gambino. I am available for all your concert photography needs.

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