Disposable in Amsterdam

Disposable cameras and I had a rather beautiful relationship in Amsterdam, beginning with the ESN Sound Festival where I rightly surmised the dSLR would be better at home, and the subsequent hitchhiking.

There is a certain quality to disposable camera photography. Film photography points aside (quality, limited shots &c.), the option between carrying a €2.99 camera VS. over £1000 in dSLR equipment in uncontrolled environments was quite an easy decision to make.

Here are some of my favourite photographs taken with the disposables.

centraal station AMS

Centraal Station. I liked cycling here — finding a place to park the bike, however…

prinsengracht, westerkerk, amsterdam

Can you believe this was right outside our doorstep? (I have no qualms with continually plugging our amazing location.)

eurovision @ prinsengracht

Eurovision Live in the Prinsengracht lounge. International students, ahoy!


I had to wrestle Lucie, surrender naming rights to my firstborn, and admit that Jon Snow is hotter than Robb Stark to keep the physical copy.

dam sq

The Royal Palace, Dam Sq.

tammy & sunniva

At De Drie Graefjes.


Disposable in Belgium — in our bid to return to where they pronounce their Gs like they’re coughing up phlegm.


Hip shot that I was convinced had failed extraordinarily. I was mistaken.

cafe papeneiland

Aaaaand our adventures at Cafe Papeneiland, fuelled by Kriek, hot chocolate, martini, and apple pie.

Obviously, one of the negatives of me using any sort of single use camera is the fact that my finger seems rather attached to the viewfinder.

With thanks to BLOKKER and HEMA.

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